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Ducati Womens Superteam Announces Desmodonne International

Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy) January 8th, 2014 – A Ducati womens superteam founded by noted Ducati Club Presidents representing five countries and more than fifty years of Ducati ownership and experience have gathered together to form Desmodonne International, a platform to offer knowledge and respected support to female Ducati owners and fans worldwide. 


Structurally, Desmodonne International will operate as an independent club based in Norway, with Vibeche Tveit, former President of the Ducati Club of Norway as the operations manager and club President. Working with her on the project are five long time Ducatistas: Elena Sarti, President of the famous DOC Borgo Panigale (who will take the Vice President position), Petra Laur, President of Incontro Ducati Mainz (Germany), Gabriella Corsi, President of the Ducati Owners Club South Africa and VickiSmith, (USA) President of Ducati.net and DOC South Florida (and former North American DOC Coordinator) who will take positions on the club board of directors.


“Our objective is to enable female riders and fans to gain the level of technical knowledge and comfort that men enjoy in the sporting world of motorcycling. This sort of ease is the result of mentoring and friendship which is more readily available among men as a culture.  We believe that the day will come when women will participate in numbers similar to men but until that time we as a group feel we have something important to offer woman with an interest in the sport of motorcycling and of course in particular the Ducati brand. By making this unique type of mentoring readily available thru the Desmodonne network we have in place already believe we can make the steps between gaining an interest in the sport and becoming a knowledgeable and skilled participant, shorter. Our experience and friendship has connected us across oceans and around the world. Expanding on that, we hope to be able to reach out to Ducatistas worldwide and look forward to working with other Ducati clubs as partners in that goal. “


Desmodonne International’s plans include offering a “plug-in” cooperative club program tailored to female members and a presence at World Ducati Week 2014. In addition to the 5 founding club Presidents, the Desmodonne International team structure also includes 30 ladies from numerous official DOC clubs representing five continents.


For more information: www.desmodonne.com

Vicki Smith – International Press Manager vicki@ducati.net

Elena Sarti – Press Manager (Italy) docborgopanigale@gmail.com


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